I tackle critical design and experience challenges for forward driven organizations. I have worked with amazing brands like Bethel Music, Creative Market, VMware, & MyTime.

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Redefining the online church experience

Bethel.tv is an on demand and livestreaming subscription application. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people visit bethel.tv to grow, learn and stay connected to the community of Bethel Church. I worked with an amazing team redesigning and rebuilding the entire application from the ground up. The role I had on this project was product platform strategy, experience design and interface design.

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Partnering with purpose driven teams to find top talent

Heyfam Network is a platform for organizations to find experienced and pre interviewed talent for their teams. A friend of mine and I founded Heyfam Network out of a need to find quality talent for our teams that also had a passion to make a difference through their work. My role on Heyfam Network has been as Co-founder, product strategy, expereince design, and interface design. 


A seamless anywhere, anytime booking experience

MyTime Scheduler is a simple to use customer scheduling and business management app. I worked with the incredible team at MyTime define, design and launch the entire iOS application. The role I had on this project was lead user experience and interface designer.


Empowering creators to make a living doing what they love

Creative Market is a marketplace that connects creators with a network of 4.8 million potential customers.  As a product designer at Creative Market I worked with the growth team on several conversion tests and new feature initiatives. 


Connecting the world around you

Dive was a location and interest based community app.  As a UX/UI designer at DTE Media I got to work with the team at Dive to define and design the end to end experience. The role I had on this project was user experience and interface design.

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